Why Mason Elite Hoops...
To become a great scorer it takes focus, technique and a commitment to developing your skill set. Mason Elite Hoops is the premiere basketball development facility in Western Pennsylvania dedicated to developing the shooting skills for athletes of all ages. For years, we've worked closely with athletes to develop the fine points of shooting and ball handling to ensure their game is at it's best when it's time to perform.

Whether you're a young aspiring athlete trying to develop ball handling skills or a varsity player looking to increase your scoring capability, Mason Elite Hoops has the workout to help you achieve your goals. Check out Mason Elite Hoops in action!

3rd - 6th Grade Training

Monday/Wednesday – 6-7PM

Saturday – 10-11AM

Designed for any player who wants to learn the basic fundamentals of basketball. Focuses on beginner level ball-handling, passing, and shooting drills. Whether you have been practicing for a couple years or never touched a basketball and want to, this class is for you.

7th - 12th Grade Training

Tuesday/Thursday – 7:15-8:15PM

Saturday – 12:20-1:20PM

Designed for any player looking to take their game to the next level. Focus is on advanced ball-handling and shooting drills. This class is perfect for players looking to improve their game before the start of AAU season!

Handle Fitness Training

Delivers ball-handling drills from the top NBA skills coaches and trainers directly to users around the world. Powered by award-winning software, it’s the world’s first motion-based cardio trainer designed to mimic the movements of pro basketball without the rim. Requiring a real basketball to train, our unique fitness innovation tracks every move of your body and every bounce of the ball as you aspire to dribble to the tempo of the audiotrack in progress; and much, more including over 1 million LIVE and on-demand signature workouts. With three adjustable levels of stability, featuring downloadable content (DLC) to accommodate all skill-sets, this interactive evolution for player development is engineered for personal/group fitness settings.

Small Group Training

Designed for players looking to improve their game with others. Minimum/Maximum of 4 players. Drills in this workout will be based off talent level. Great for players looking to compete against each other . Creating your own small group with 4 players is highly encouraged and easily booked. $40 per player.

Call/Text 724-980-2100 for questions.


Having trouble finding a place to get your reps in daily?

Get over 500 shots up in an hour using our shoot-a-way

$40 – 45 minutes


Vertimax Assessment

One time assessment that allows athletes to fully understand the Vertimax in detail, ask questions, and have a great workout. Athletes will be able to test the different resistance bands in vertical + speed drills, to find a starting point, and over-time see their growth. Players will receive information regarding training options for the Vertimax at this workout. Limited to 4 athletes. Must book session before attending.See schedule in link below.

Start Date: March 1st

Cost: $21

Little Dribblers

Saturday – 8:55-9:55AM

Designed for any 1-2nd grader who is ready to learn the basic fundamentals of basketball. Focuses on basic hand-eye-coordination, ball-handling, and shooting.